My art celebrates the exuberant motifs of mid 19th century furniture and graphics- the same Anglicized Rococo and Neo-Colonial stylings that continue to permeate mass produced low-end furniture and miscellaneous Americana. While IKEA has done much to tame consumer tastes with it's streamlined modernism, they cannot compete with the plethora of C-scrolls, S-scrolls, ribbons, columns, capitals, scallop shells, gadrooning and acanthus leaves flourishing in the homes and alleys of most Americans.

These strident forms continue to iterate the promise of abundance long after the abundance is gone. I rearticulate these unavailing gestures in my carved leather frames and geode-like paper mache objects. By inserting present-day government webcam stills monitoring traffic and air quality and images of recently crashed cars posted on accident survivor blogs, plenitude is either hopelessly anticipated or abruptly truncated.

The results are framed finalities and objects that are petrified in endless anticipation, suggesting that the stock optimistic narratives of the industrial era contained their own future demise. The fatalities are endless abundance and the mythology of American Exceptionalism.

These are positives. The sentiment is not mournful but celebratory.